Community Pharmacy Services Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Community Pharmacy Services?

Community Pharmacy Services (CPS) is a pharmacist-staffed Medication Counseling Center. CPS is a division of Mirixa Corporation. Mirixa is hired by health insurance plans to connect health plan members with a pharmacist for medication counseling services. In addition to Community Pharmacy Services, Mirixa also works with several other medication counseling centers to provide services to health plan members.

Medication counseling services provided by Community Pharmacy Services (and any pharmacies associated with Mirixa) are always free to the health plan member. 

Why is Community Pharmacy Services calling me?

Health plans hire Mirixa and CPS pharmacists to reach out to health plan members for medication counseling services. CPS pharmacists contact members by telephone to discuss their medications and answer any questions that a member may have about their medications. Counseling by CPS pharmacists may target one specific medication or it may be a complete review of all current medications. 

If you received a call from Community Pharmacy Services (CPS), your health plan believes that your health could benefit from discussing your medication(s) with a pharmacist. It does not mean that there are problems with your medications. The goal of each medication counseling call is to make sure that your medications are working well for you and producing the best possible health results. 

How did Community Pharmacy Services get my phone number and medication information?

To make the medication counseling service available to you, your health plan provides some of your medication information and your contact information to CPS. CPS calls to connect you with a pharmacist to discuss your medications. Your personal information remains protected by the HIPAA law as CPS is a Business Associate to your health plan and is required by law to protect your information just like your health plan does.

I received a call from someone who claimed to work with Mirixa, but it wasn’t Community Pharmacy Services. Why are other pharmacists claiming to work with Mirixa?

While Community Pharmacy Services is the medication counseling center owned by Mirixa, Mirixa also works with other medication counseling centers as needed to provide effective member services. It is possible that one of the other medication counseling centers called you. These firms are overseen by Mirixa and operate to the same high standards as CPS.

How can a Medication Counseling session over the phone help me? I already talk to my Doctor (or other medical provider) directly about my medications. 

A conversation with a CPS pharmacist is not intended to replace discussions with your medical providers. We recognize that your doctor is the expert on your medical conditions; however, pharmacists are experts on the medications used to treat those conditions. By working in partnership with your health plan and your medical providers, medication counseling provided by CPS pharmacists can help improve your health results.

What happens during a Medication Counseling session with a CPS pharmacist?

There are several types of medication counseling sessions – from reviewing just one medication to reviewing all of your current medications. Depending on the type of medication counseling session that you qualify for, the CPS pharmacist may ask about your current medication routine and any problems you may be having with your med(s). They will also answer any questions that you may have about your medication(s). During the call, everything that is discussed about your medications will be documented by the CPS pharmacist. 

Following the call, a summary letter may be sent to your doctor so they are aware of the medication counseling service and are informed of any CPS pharmacist recommendations. If you completed a comprehensive medication review, you will receive an up-to-date Personal Medication List and a Medication Action Plan so that you have a printed copy of all medication details you discussed with the CPS pharmacist. 

During the call, CPS pharmacists will never tell you where to purchase your medications. They also won’t change your prescriptions. If there are any recommendations regarding changes to your medications, CPS pharmacists will contact your doctor(s) with that information. 

Remember that the medication counseling service provided by CPS is always free to you.

What if I don’t want to talk to a pharmacist about my medications?

We highly encourage you to talk with the CPS pharmacist so that you can get the best results from your medications. However, you are free to decline the service. If you do not wish to participate, let the CPS representative who calls you know that you do not wish to participate in the service.

Why can’t I speak to my local pharmacist about my medications?

Some local pharmacies participate with health plans in providing medication counseling. If your local pharmacy participates, they may contact you about this service. However, not all local pharmacies partner with health plans to offer medication counseling. Community Pharmacy Services is hired to provide this valuable service when local pharmacies are not available. 

I didn’t do the medication counseling when Community Pharmacy Services called. May I take advantage of the service later?

If you were not available to review your medications when a CPS representative called, you may call CPS at (866) 321-0645 when you are available. Or call and ask CPS to set an appointment for you that will work best with your schedule. Normal CPS hours are 9:00am – 7:00pm (ET) Monday through Friday. 

Since medication counseling service provided by CPS is always free to you, we recommend that you take advantage of the service whenever you can fit it into your schedule.